SUNDAY October 10th @ 7.30pm ~

Stevie Wishart-musician & Els van Riel-cinematographer


'Soundscapes' ~ an exciting concert that combines film, light and music in a unique style.


This is an exciting and innovative programme fusing the mesmerising sounds of the Hurdy Gurdy, played by musician and composer Stevie Wishart, and a film ‘Fugue, A Light’s Travelogue’ by Belgium filmmaker Else van Riel.


The film 'Fugue, A Light's Travelogue' is a reflection on the history of the science researching the essential matter of LIGHT as printed and projected on 16mm film. In the soundtrack we hear the sound of turning wheels, and Stevie Wishart's hurdy gurdy accompanying El's lyrics describing the scientific facts on which the film is based.


Culpho’s St Botolph Church was the inspiration for the programme when Stevie and Else filmed there in 2017. It also came to be the inspiration for Stevie's additional improvisations for a solo CD.


On October 10th Stevie and Els will be back in the church to show the film. During and after the film screening, the church will become the instrument for live performance as Els and Stevie explore the space in a journey of light and sound, drawing on its medieval and contemporary spirit.


Stevie's musical journey has been unusually rich and diverse including traditional and early music, as well as contemporary vocal and instrumental music. She has performed and had her compositions played at major venues including London's Wigmore Hall, the Queen Elizabeth Hall and Festival Hall at London's Southbank Centre, the Sydney Opera House, St. Peter's Rome, the Royal Albert Hall, and at the BBC Proms.


Tickets £ 20 (including refreshments and programme)


To purchase your ticket contact Christine Pearce: 01473 738324 or 07925 251802 or by email ...